Bookmarks for July 15th: Astronaut-Training, Half-Life, Donkey Kong, British Wrestling Posters

‪HALF-LIFE - Singularity Collapse‬‏ - YouTube
Welcome to Titusville on Vimeo: Welcome to Titusville shows the impact of the 30 year Space Shuttle program on the residents of Titusville, a city that lies only a few miles from Kennedy Space Center in Florida.
‪2D Photography Rube Goldberg‬‏ - YouTube
Leica Lenses (English) on Vimeo: Every Leica lens is hand-crafted and goes through meticulous manufacturing processes to uphold the quality and precision that Leica defines and customers have come to expect.
‪How It's Made: The Impossible Project‬‏ - YouTube: How It's Made takes us through how The Impossible Project manufactures its Instant Film for Polaroid cameras.
‪John Lasseter - A Day in a Life - Full Length Documentary‬‏ - YouTube

‪Silverback Gorilla turns cameraman at Durrell‬‏ - YouTube: Ya Kwanza the conservation Trusts 27 year old silverback gorilla became adept at snapping close ups of himself with a high definition camera which was encased in an indestructible box and covered with tasty honey and oats. 

‪Let's take back the Internet!‬‏ - YouTube: In this powerful talk from TEDGlobal, Rebecca MacKinnon describes the expanding struggle for freedom and control in cyberspace, and asks: How do we design the next phase of the Internet with accountability and freedom at its core, rather than control? She believes the internet is headed for a "Magna Charta" moment when citizens around the world demand that their governments protect free speech and their right to connection.

Online Schools | State of the Internet 2011: Like any classic hero, the Internet grew from humble beginnings as a tiny speck to become the legend that it is today. The very first “instant message” wasn’t even a whole word before it broke the entire system, but it sparked a fantastic fire of possibilities. Now, we can IM friends from our phones while we browse Facebook and send a few tweets about our indigestion from last night’s cheesesteak, perhaps while taking care of that indigestion. We can email our friends in Paris and Tokyo from the MoMA and even send photos to Mom and Dad, too.<br />
Thirty-something years ago, this was stuff for sci-fi nerds.

NASA’s Glorious History of Training Astronauts | Wired Science |

Space Shuttle Discovery - 360VR Images

Computer teaches itself English so that it can play Civilization

David Byrne's 1987 Predictions for the Computers of 2007: I don't think computers will have any important effect on the arts in 2007. When it comes to the arts they're just big or small adding machines. And if they can't "think," that's all they'll ever be. They may help creative people with their bookkeeping, but they won't help in the creative process.<br />
The video revolution, however, will have some real impact on the arts in the next 20 years. It already has. Because people's attention spans are getting shorter, more fiction and drama will be done by television, a perfect medium for them. But I don't think anything will be wiped out; books will always be there; everything will find its place.

The Secret History of Donkey Kong: Donkey Kong is perhaps the greatest outsider game of all time. It broke all the rules because its creator, the now-legendary Shigeru Miyamoto, didn't know them to begin with. It not only launched the career of gaming's most celebrated creative mind, it gave birth to the jump-and-run platform genre as we know it, and established Nintendo as perhaps the industry's longest standing superpower.

british wrestling posters - a set on Flickr

PAS House – A House made for Skating: Imagine a city of the future where skateboards are used as the primary form of transportation and recreation – in and out of your home. A utopia city for skateboarders would mean that a skateable path, like a ribbon connecting everything together, links each building in an unending ability to keep in motion on your board. The PAS House takes this concept and brings it to life through an architectural project mixing a modern single family home with a skateboard ramp structure – all from an environmentally-driven perspective.

The Humor Code: Deconstructing the Science of Funny | Underwire |

Tweet to Metal « PRINTERESTING: Last week, to mark the 125th anniversary of the linotype machine, Portland’s Stumptown Printers (with the help of some friends at the C.C. Stern Type Foundry) celebrated with a twitter-based letterpress project. 

6 Ways to Bring Civility Online | The Art of Manliness: 1. Remember that there are real people on the other side of the computer. 2. Never say something to someone online that you wouldn’t say to the person’s face. 3. Use your real name. 4. Sit on it. 5. Or don’t respond at all. 6. Say something positive.

Neural Network-Faces synched to Music

„My first attempt to map a song made by @kamptweets onto GAN generated proto-faces.“ Bohemian Rhapsody next. The Three Nightingans.…

Doku: Im Netz der Lügen - Falschmeldungen im Internet

Nette Doku von Mario Sixtus über die Psychologie der Fake News. Der Einstieg der Doku ist mir ein wenig zu…

AI-Animations with human Sounds

Google vor ein paar Tagen so: „Yay, wir haben hier 'ne neue AI-based Animation-Tech, hooray!“ (Paper) Hayayo Miyazaki über AI-based…

The G20-Riots Bike-Guy

Saw this dude in a tweet during the G20-Riots and thought „cool guy“, his story is even better: 60 year…

Typo-Safari London and Amsterdam

Hier die letzten beiden Teile von Artes Typo-Safari, diesmal mit urbaner Typographie aus London und Amsterdam. Teil 1–3: Typo Safari…

Data-Visualized Skateboarding

Paul Ferragut bestückt sein Skateboard mit Sensoren und bastelt damit 3D-Prints aus Sk8-Tricks. Funktioniert eher rudimentär, dafür aber DIY mit…

Ravens plan for the Future

Neue Studie zu den Raven Overlords: Man hat festgestellt, dass Raben nicht nur einfache Maschinen bedienen können, sondern auch alternative…

My Highway is full of Slime Eels

Then this happened: Truckload of ‘Slime Eels’ Has Exploded Onto an Oregon Highway. An Oregon highway has been “slimed” after…

Oats Studios - Volume 1 - Zygote

Der dritte Kurzfilms aus Neil Blomkamps Oats-Experiment: Zygote erzählt die Story von zwei Marines auf der Flucht in einem Militärkomplex,…

Calibri FontGate: Font as evidence in political scandal

Die Tochter des pakistanischen Premierpräsidenten hat sich bei der Dokumentenfälschung von Papieren aus dem Jahr 2006 erwischen lassen, die ihren…


Neues von Fernando Livschitz: „One day I woke up and I saw everything in perspective…“ Livschitz auf Nerdcore: Toy-Bots in…