Thaiwanese Funeral Strippers

(Youtube Direktstrippers)

Marc L. Moskowitz, Anthropologe an der Universität South Carolina, hat eine Doku über Begräbnisstripperinnen in Taiwan gedreht. Das da oben soll sowas wie ein Trailer sein, Snip von der Website zum Film:

Funeral strippers work on Electric Flower Cars (EFC) which are trucks that have been converted to moving stages so that women can perform as the vehicles follow along with funerals or religious processions. EFC came to Taiwan's public attention in 1980 when newspapers began covering the phenomenon of stripping at funerals. There is a great deal of debate about whether this should be allowed to continue. In Taipei, Taiwan's capital, one often hears middle and upper class men complain about the harmful effects of this rural practice on public morality. In contrast, people in the industry see themselves as talented performers and fans of the practice say that it makes events more exciting.

io9 hat ein Interview mit Moskowitz: „Actual full stripping has gone underground because there were laws enacted against full nudity in the mid-Eighties, so that isn't as popular as it once was. I didn't see any full stripping — though it is likely that this was in part because they knew I was filming at that time — but almost everyone I spoke with had seen full stripping.“