George Clinton and the Parliaments Bop Gun is real!

14.07.2011 Misc Music #DIY

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Die Bop Gun ist eine imaginäre Funk Pistole von George Clinton and the Parliament, von Wikipedia: „The term 'Bop Gun' was invented and popularized by Parliament and George Clinton in the 1977 song 'Bop Gun (Endangered Species)'. It is 'shot' at the funkless people and fills their heart with funk and enlightenment from false ideology.“ Und genau die hat jetzt jemand gebaut als circuit-bent Irgendwas basierend auf einem Strahlenmessgerät, das Ding gibt's für 1200 Dollar auf Etsy. Awesome!

(Youtube Direkt, via Technabob)

Finally the conundrum of the universes' missing funk has an answer: BOP GUN.
5 mixed squarewave oscillators allow for rapid phase matching and total funky collapse of even the most complex wave functions!

LFO modulates filter! All oscillators, LFO and filter are controlled by global attack/decay functions at the pull of a trigger! INVERT function allows for continuous function for those situations requiring fancy long-term funkic interventions. Funkify traffic! Passers-by! Bar Mitzvahs! The sky!

LED feedback ring at the business end reacts to funk levels, providing photonic enhancement in attractive aqua green tones. Extra-sweet readout panel provides incomprehensible feedback from selected functions. Audio output jack included, and batteries fit in the handle.