GEMA and Youtube bullshit Nina Paleys „Sita sings the Blues“ for fraudulent Bullshit

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(Youtube Direktsita, via @Sebjabbusch)

[update] It's back online: „After one or two (or more?) years of being blocked on German Youtube, the full-length noncommercial Sita Sings the Blues movie is once again viewable in Deutschland. I assume this is because last week I posted this video, complaining about why my 100% legal and painstakingly and expensively licensed movie was blocked in Germany.“


Ursprüngliches Posting:

Nina Paley, über deren Copyright-Hickhack wegen ihres Films „Sita sings the Blues“, in dem uralte Jazz-Aufnahme verwendet wurden und der deshalb beinahe nie veröffentlicht wurde, hat festgestellt, dass ihr Film auf Youtube durch die GEMA gesperrt wurde. Leider hat die Dame einen Vertrag mit Sony, der ihr die weltweite Verbreitung erlaubt. Hilarity ensues.

Interessanter Kommentar auf ihrem Blog: „As I see this, the issue is possibly bigger than what you say on the video. Some people are claiming that GEMA’s contract with Sony (that precedes your contract with Sony) is in such a way that Sony sells exclusive broadcasting rights in Germany to GEMA. If that’s so, the fraud is actually in Sony’s contract with you, since they’re selling you something they don’t have the right to.“

Über die ursprüngliche Bullshit-Copyright-Frickelei von Wikipedia:

The film uses a number of 1920s Annette Hanshaw recordings. Although the filmmaker initially made sure these recordings were not covered by US copyright law, a number of other copyright issues surfaced, including state laws prior to US federal copyright law on recordings, rights to the compositions and the right to synchronize the recordings with images. These recordings were protected by state commerce and business laws passed at the time in the absence of applicable Federal laws and were never truly "public domain". In addition, the musical composition itself, including aspects such as the lyrics to the songs, the musical notation, and products derived from using those things, is still under copyright.

Without a distributor, Nina Paley was unable to pay the approximately $220,000 that the copyright holders originally demanded. Eventually, a fee of $50,000 was negotiated. Paley took out a loan to license the music in early 2009.

Den Film kann man natürlich auch hierzulande online sehen, Downloads gibt's auf der Website des Films.

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