YipYips iYip on your yiPhone, uh huh!

(Youtube Direktyipyip)

Die YipYips, schon immer meine Lieblingsviecher aus der Sesamstraße (ja, noch vor Count Count), haben eine App fürs iPhone und dazu haben sie vorhin obiges Behind-The-Scenes-Videos online gestellt. Yip Yipyipyipyip Yip, uh huh!

With iYip you can:

• Unleash 78 new and classic sayings spoken by the real Sesame Street Martians
• Answer “Yip” or “Nope” like the Martians
• Talk on the phone like the Martians
• Mind your manners like the Martians
• Set a Martian alarm
• Be a Cool Martian or an Urban Yipster
• Ask a question and let the Martians decide

iYip By Sesame Street