Project Mimicry: Kinect Sandbox Game

04.07.2011 Games Misc #Kinect

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(Vimeo Direktsand, via Hackaday)

Hübsche Idee von Monobanda: Project Mimicry, ein Sandkasten-Kinect-Game. Aus ihrem Press-Release:

The independent game makers at Monobanda have taken the term ‘sandbox game’ literally. In Mimicry you shape your world by digging in the sand. Monobanda has created a sandbox game with real sand, in which up to four players at a time control a ball that can roll around, jump and glide through the Mimicry world. Tiny virtual characters roll around in the sandbox. You can build obstacles for them or create a racetrack.

Rules do not exist, there is no point system. This means you create your own games. According to the makers, the game can be compared to a schoolyard, and is best described as a digital sandbox. The environment in which you play exists in both the virtual and the physical world: a landscape is projected on real sand. […] Within the sandbox you create your own world. When you make a mountain of sand, this mountain also appears in the digital world. When the mountain is high enough, snow appears on its peak. And if you want a fresh country lake just dig a hole.