Pinball Wizard who sues a Hippie loves Cats

Von Las Vegas Weekly:

The story, at first, seems unbelievable. The court documents (one of which is stamped, “I love cats”) read like a rough draft for a Coen brothers’ screenplay: You have a 30-something, unemployed, self-described “pinball wizard” suing a “hippie” arcade operator for an alleged assault that took place during a game of Xenon, which the plaintiff says he’s “mastered well beyond incredible defeat.”

In addition to damages exceeding $10,000, the plaintiff, John Luckett, who has no law degree and represents himself in court, asks for an additional $300 for each therapy session he will undergo due to the trauma of the alleged assault and from arcade operator Tim Arnold “forever 86ing” him from the Pinball Hall of Fame, thus depriving him of reliving his good childhood memories playing Xenon.

A bizarre Lawsuit has the Pinball Hall of Fame playing Defense (via Arbroath)