Animated GIFs as Photo-Journalism

Den sogenannten Cinematic GIFs von Jamie Beck und Kevin Burg konnte ich bislang nichts abgewinnen, das war Stock-Fotografie mit einem alten Gimmick und wurde bereits tausendmal besser von If we don't remember me oder Three frames umgesetzt. Ihre neueste Story ist allerdings schick, denn sie haben den Prozess der Herstellung von Erdbeerbier in animierten GIFs dokumentiert, womit gleich ein paar meiner Favs zusammenkommen: Bier, Erdbeeren und GIFs (ja, ich mag GIFs, auch wenn sie in 99% aller Fälle… hmm… suboptimal eingesetzt werden).

Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg, the duo behind those beautiful cinematic gifs, just sent word about their latest project. It's the first journalistic cinemagraph story ever told and it's about the process of hand making a strawberry beer with Dogfish owner and brewmaster Sam Calagione. Sure, at first glance it looks like a fancy advertisement but with those gorgeous gifs and thorough explanations, you can't help but get pulled into the story.

"The step-by-step process is brought to life through our cinemagraph process and we hope it takes you there with us, witnessing each moment happening," says Beck. "We are so proud of this story and hope to share it around the world, if not for the story and imagery than for the love of good BEER." […]

"Extracting the juice was exhausting but cool. It took us a few hours to work through all of the fruit, and the juice was a vibrant blood red as it ran through the slats. Because the press worked in repetitive increments, the juice pulsed out in surges. Before we cleaned up, the area looked like an epic crime scene minus the chalked body outlines. "Are wild strawberries really wild? Will they scratch an adult, will they snap at a child?" -- Shel Silverstein."

Mesmerizing Story of Strawberry Beer