The Tweets inspired by The Birds

Tolle Kampagne von France 24 abgelehnt an Hitchcocks „The Birds“, dessen Vögel hier zu den Tweets werden, die fiese Diktatoren stürzen. Von My Modern Metropolis (via Alrightokee):

It's been said that in the movie, the unexplainable bird attacks are thought to be an apocalyptic metaphor for how nature is thrown off balance by technology and warfare.

Creative agency Marcel made some amazing ads for France 24 that are inspired by that classic movie. But instead of using black crows, they've used birds that were inspired by Twitter. "We all know the role of social networks and Internet in spreading revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya," Marcel says. "Social networks are now an essential source of information. "France 24 and its agency Marcel have decided to highlight the link between freedom of information and freedom of expression on the Internet."

Notice what is says on the Gadhafi ad: "When you leave only crumbs for your people you end up attracting birds."

Die weiteren Motive und das Commercial dazu nach dem Klick.

(Youtube Direktbirds)