Dental Training Love-Doll Robots

30.06.2011 Misc #Robots #Sex

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(Youtube Direktlovedental, via Geekosystem)

Die Hersteller von Zahnarzt-Trainingsbots (man, do we live in the future or what?) haben für die nächste, realistischere Generation ihrer Dinger die Firma ins Boot geholt, die sich mit realistischen Fakes bestens auskennt: Orient Industry, Hersteller von Gummipuppen.

The robot was created by researchers at Japan’s Showa University, with help from the country’s top sex doll manufacturer Orient Industry. Why sex dolls? To get that lifelike skin, tongue and mouth, of course.

The robot, called Showa Hanako 2, also features voice recognition so trainees can practice the rudimentary banter that typically goes on between dentist and patient during an appointment. Once a check-up is over, the robot will store and analyze each student’s performance and give feedback that the students can access online.

Sex Doll Inspired Dental Robot Reacts To Pain