Radioactive Orchestra

(Youtube Direktradioactivity)

Ein „Orchester“ aus radioaktiven Isotopen. Ich habe keine Ahnung, was ich auf der Website wirklich tue, klingt aber interessant. Kommt vom Nuclear Training and Safety Center in Schweden.

Welcome to The Radioactive Orchestra
It consists out of 3175 radioactive isotopes. You can listen and make music with most of them. This is a new way to understand and get a feeling for what radiation really is. To the left you choose which of them you like to listen to, at the bottom left you see the nucleus of the isotope and to the right you see the different energy levels of the different isotopes.

You can make all sorts of different settings that will make their sound change.

Radioactive Orchestra, hier noch ein Video dazu: The Radioactive Orchestra Making Music With Radiation (via Reddit)