Vincent Fournier travels to the last Space Shuttle Mission

Die Arbeiten von Fotograf Vincent Fournier hatte ich hier bereits öfter. Der reiste nun zum allerletzten Start des Space Shuttles am 8. Juli, begleitet von VBS: „Picture Perfect visits Vincent Fournier at his studio in Paris, France where we talk about his unique process and distinct style that merges fantasy with reality in photographs of rockets, otherworldly landscapes, research facilities, and cosmonauts. We then travel with Fournier to the NASA Kennedy Space Center in Florida prior to the last space shuttle launch.“

Kaley vom Vice Mag schreibt mir:

In celebration of the last shuttle launch now scheduled (fingers crossed) for July 8th, I wanted to draw your editorial eye to the latest installment of Picture Perfect on VBS.TV. In this episode, we follow photographer and space aficionado Vincent Fournier as he travels from Paris to Cape Canaveral to photograph the Kennedy Space Center and space shuttle Atlantis in the lead up to this historic moment.

In his career, Fournier has photographed the world’s most prominent space organizations: Gagarine Cosmonaut Training Center near Moscow (Russia), Mars Desert Research Station in Utah (US), observatories in the Atacama Desert (Chile), and the Guyana Space Center in Kourou (French Guiana).

With influences that range from Stanley Kubrick and Jules Verne to Tintin, Fournier's strikingly otherworldy photographs mix fantasy with a firm reality and are definitely worth checking out.

Picture Perfect – Vincent Fournier