Shakespeare, Stoner

(Dailymotion Direktstoned, via Dangerous Minds)

Ein südafrikanischer Wissenschaftler will die Überbleibsel von William Shakespeare untersuchen und herausfinden, wie er denn nun wirklich gestorben ist. Und ob er Gras geraucht hat.

"We have incredible techniques. We don't intend to move the remains at all," Fox News quoted Thackeray as saying about the "non-destructive analysis" the team has planned.

The team plans to perform the forensic analysis using state-of-the-art technology to scan the bones and create a groundbreaking reconstruction.

After confirming the playwright's identity, Thackeray hopes to solve the longstanding mystery of Shakespeare's final days and the life he had led.

The team also looks to address a controversial suggestion Thackeray made a decade ago, when he examined a collection of two dozen pipes found in the playwright's garden and determined that Shakespeare was an avid marijuana smoker.

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