Weekly World News' Batboy going Mutant

(Youtube Direktbatboy, via WWN)

Ging an mir völlig vorrüber, dass die Weekly World News Ende letzten Jahres ein Buch zu ihrem Batboy rausgebracht hatten, dessen Trailer sie grade eben nochmal gepostet haben, zusammen mit der Andeutung, zum Fledermausmutantenkind könnte es demnächst auch einen Film geben. Wie auch immer, die erste Batboy-Story findet man auf Google Books in der Ausgabe vom 31. 8. 93, hier alle Weeky Wold News-Ausgaben.

The Weekly World News team uncovers the definitive and faux-tastic story of Bat Boy, from his hardscrabble origins in the caves of West Virginia to his global influence in the twenty-first century. Going Mutant reveals how Bat Boy has heeded a call to service that has embarrassed less forthcoming mutants: During the Gulf War, he deployed with the Special Forces. He later earned a special commendation from George W. Bush for his use of sonar, which led troops to the spider hole housing Saddam Hussein. And now Bat Boy joins forces with an unlikely crew of soldiers, scientists, and swamp mamas to battle a global pandemic that threatens to destroy our planet.

This is an intimate look at the half-bat/half-boy, who has until now been shrouded in mystery (despite countless sightings and a megahit musical). Here, Bat Boy’s life is illuminated through a series of public and private documents obtained by the equally mysterious Dr. Barry Leed of the University of Indianapolis and through Weekly World News clippings. All this information comes together in this new Bitingsroman that reveals an archetypal American trickster who has risen from his lowly origins to become America’s favorite freedom fighter.

Going Mutant: The Bat Boy Exposed!

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