Terrorism Trading Cards and some Chess-Sets

Jemand namens Zack hat auf einem Flohmarkt ein Set 1987er Sammelkarten aufgetrieben, ein Ripoff der bekannten Mars Attacks-Reihe mit… Terroristen!

It was 1987 when the Piedmont Candy Company issued "Terrorist Attack", a 35 card factory set that profiled famous terrorists and terrorist acts of the last century. The title suggested they wanted to cash in on the fame of "Mars Attacks", which were considered pretty controversial and gory when it was released 25 years earlier. Perhaps Piedmont expected a similar fire storm. According to the Benjamin price guide, "The creators, a Midwestern collector and Den's Collector's Den, even hid their identities behind (an apocryphal title)." But if there was a storm of protest, it was more of a tempest in a tea pot. Americans were no longer very shocked by anything in cards, and within a few years, serial murderers and porn would even make it onto cardboard.

Hier die Scans einiger Karten, hier mehr Infos zum Set (via Boing Boing)

Und dann hätten wir hier noch ein paar War on Terror-Chess-Sets: Afghanistan Taliban Figures, American Figures, Iraqi Insurgent Figures.