Romain Jeromes 10000$ Space Invaders-Watch made from Moon Rocks and Apollo 11-Parts

Romain Jerome hat zwei superlimitierte, superteure, superoffizielle Space Invaders-Uhren aus Mondgestein und Teilen der Apollo 11 Mondlandefähre gebaut. Kosten auch nur 10.000 Dollar, die zwei Schnäppchen.

Inheriting the highly distinctive case of the Moon Invader series (a round shape within a cambered 46 mm square, with a round front and an almost rectangular back), the SPACE INVADERS have also kept the same steel coalesced with fragments from the Apollo 11 capsule. It is no coincidence that this case is designed like a strongbox, or even like a space vessel capable of travelling great distances, since that kind of vehicle is exactly what is needed to facilitate the SPACE INVADERS colonisation of our daily lives.

The four functional ball-and-socket joints of this rounded squares are cut like the pivoting « feet » of the lunar landing modules of the American lunar missions. These extremely sophisticated components mounted on axles anchored in the case hold the lugs of the rubber straps and enable the watch to adjust to all kinds of wrist sizes.

Embodying another tangible token of the space age symbolised by this new SPACE INVADERS collection, a dedicated plate made of Moon Silver – a silver alloy with an extremely low oxidisation rate incorporating moon rocks – appears on the stellar-patterned back of the watch. This engraved plate reproduces the lunar surface, of which the mineral particles interact on an infra-molecular level with the wearer of the watch. The veined pattern and grainy texture also extend along the rubber strap.

Romain Jerome: Space Invaders shake up the watchmaking world (via Technabob)

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