Japanese Bagelheads

Vicemag hat ein Interview mit dem japanischen Fotografen Ryoichi “Keroppy” Maeda, der die dortige Body-Mod-Szene beobachtet und dokumentiert. Unter anderem lassen sich die Leute Kochsalzlösung unter die Haut spritzen, drücken dabei in die Mitte der entstehenden Beule und bekommen einen Bagel in der Stirn. Beruhigend: Das Ding hält nur eine Nacht.

What’s the deal with the ‘bagel-head’ look? How do you get that effect?
Oh, you just press your thumb in to the middle of the forehead while the saline is being pumped in, and that creates the donut, bagel effect. I’ve read reports of people coloring the infusions as well but I don’t think there’s any truth to those claims, it must be the way the light is shining on someone in the photo, or something.

In your opinion, are saline infusions the most extreme thing happening in the Japanese body modification scene at the moment?
Oh, no, not at all. There are practices that are far more extreme, for example, ear pointing, navel removal, amputation, Japanese traditional body suit tattoos...

What’s ear pointing?
It’s where you have your ears turned pointy so that they look kind of like a cat’s ears. Navel removal is taking the navel off the body, and amputation is where people cut off their fingers, or something like that.

Japanese Bagelheads (via Neatorama)