New York Times-Candle smells like Dead Wood

Eine Kerze, die wie frisch gedruckte Zeitungen riecht. Ich habe ja lange bei einer Tageszeitung gearbeitet und weiß ziemlich genau, wie das riecht. Ich würde mir das Ding jedenfalls nicht in die Bude stellen. Als Kommentar auf die Zukunftsaussichten von Print ist das nun umgesetzte Konzept des verstorbenen Designers Tobias Wong allerdings ziemlich grandios.

The designer-artist Tobias Wong, who passed away in 2010, thought of himself, more than anything, as an observer. […] One of his last concepts was The New York Times candle. Within the current fascination with scents and, especially, experimental scents, Wong proposed producing a candle with the fragrance of newsprint inspired by The New York Times, an institution he greatly admired and with which he had a longstanding relationship. This project, though in progress, was never actualized.

Various Projects and Josée Lepage of Bondtoo were close collaborators and friends of Wong's. We have realized his Times of New York candle in a limited editon of 1000.

The scent of the candle is newsy, with hints of guaiacwood, cedar, musk, spice, with "a powdery note and velvet nuance," meant to mimic the aroma of black ink on newsprint.

Tobias Wong's The Times of New York candle (via Gizmo)

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