Everything is a Remix (Teil 3)

(Vimeo Direktremix)

Kirby Ferguson hat gestern Nacht den dritten Teil seiner vierteiligen „Everything is a Remix“-Reihe online gestellt, großartig wie die ersten beiden Teile auch. Diesmal geht's um den Prozess der Kreativität selbst.

Aus dem Transkript:

The act of creation is surrounded by a fog of myths. Myths that creativity comes via inspiration. That original creations break the mold, that they’re the products of geniuses, and appear as quickly as electricity can heat a filament. But creativity isn’t magic: it happens by applying ordinary tools of thought to existing materials.

And the soil from which we grow our creations is something we scorn and misunderstand, even though it gives us so much… and that’s copying. Put simply, copying is how we learn. We can’t introduce anything new until we’re fluent in the language of our domain, and we do that through emulation.

For instance, all artists spend their formative years producing derivative work.

Bob Dylan’s first album contained eleven cover songs. Richard Pryor began his stand-up career doing a not-very-good imitation of Bill Cosby. And Hunter S. Thompson re-typed The Great Gatsby just to get the feel of writing a great novel.

Nobody starts out original. We need copying to build a foundation of knowledge and understanding. And after that… things can get interesting.

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