The Texas Chainsaw Family Restaurant

(Youtube Direktleatherface)

X-Posting von den Filmfreunden: Das Haus, in dem die Familie von Leatherface lecker Menschengeschnetzeltes verspeiste, ist mittlerweile ein familienfreundliches Restaurant, in dem (hoffentlich) ganz unkannibalistischer Hackbraten gereicht wird. Der AV Club hat die Bude besucht.

People typically chuckle when they hear the Texas Chain Saw Massacre house is now a restaurant, and with good reason: The site of one of the most grotesque, unnerving dinner scenes in horror-movie history now serves up (non-human) meat in a dining room that’s homey, not horrifying. Well, not everyone chuckles: As owner Jeremy Lee explains in this episode of Pop Pilgrims, he receives the occasional e-mail from people who think the house was the site of actual murders. […]

Regardless, it’s a little silly to believe The Texas Chain Saw Massacre was real. The house from the movie that caused so much controversy upon the film’s release four decades ago is a local landmark in Kingsland, Texas, about an hour northwest of Austin. There’s a plaque out front, and a life-sized Leatherface mannequin in Junction House’s upstairs bar (along with a pack of Texas Chain Saw Massacre chili mix). While The A.V. Club was shooting in the building, a group of senior women said in chipper voices, “Oh, you must be here for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre!”

Austin: The Texas Chain Saw... family restaurant?