The Map of Square and stationary Earth, 1893

The Map of Square and stationary Earth, 1893 von Professor Orlando Ferguson: „Four Hundret Pages in the Bible that condemn the Globe Theory, or the flying Earth, and None Sustain. This Map is the Bible Map of the World.“ Unbedingt hier in groß ansehen, aus dem Posting dazu:

The earth itself, the continents and oceans, are arranged in a circle and only set against a square framework. The northern hemisphere is a convex mound in the middle of a concave bowl of the southern hemisphere, presumably a structure that solves the problem of why the oceans don’t fall off the edge of the flat earth like in that atrocious Pirates of the Caribbean sequel. Of course now there’s a whole new problem: how do you persuade the oceans to properly position themselves up the sides of the bowl to keep sub-Saharan Africa, Australia and South America from being constantly under water?

Library of Congress gets unique flat earth map