Protesting Apples Tax-Lobbying with living QR-Codes

(Youtube Direktapple, via Rebelart)

Schöne Aktion von US Uncut, die auf Apples Worldwide Developers Conference mit lebenden QR-Codes gegen deren Lobbying für Steuerermäßigungen protestiert haben.

As more than 5,000 attendees streamed into San Francisco's Moscone Center to hear new Apple product lines announced, they were greeted by what appeared to be an Apple publicity stunt -- men and women were sheathed head to toe in a rainbow of Apple-colored spandex body suits emblazoned with a giant QR code (like a barcode for an internet address).

However, when attendees used iPhone apps to follow the code on the Internet, instead of an Apple product announcement, a new music video appeared, "Apple: Tax Cheating Doesn't Sync with My Values," which is spreading virally on the Internet. Apple was not happy to have their party crashed by creative protest.