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Sariann und Chelsea schreiben das Blog Inn at the Crossroads und posten dort Rezepte zu Speisen aus George R. R. Martins „A Song of Ice and Fire“-Büchern, die grade als „Game of Thrones“ als Serie verfilmt werden. Die Bücher kenne ich nicht (habe zwar das erste hier rumfliegen, aber man kommt ja zu nix), dafür bin ich ziemlicher Fan der Serie und das Ende der letzten Folge war… überraschend, um's mal so zu formulieren (und wer die letzte Folge gesehen hat, wird dieses Video hier lieben: Tyrion Slaps Joffrey For 10 Minutes To LedZeps Achilles Last Stand, hier noch Videogame of Thrones Theme 8-Bit-Style Remix).

Jedenfalls posten die beiden Damen dort leckere Rezepte aus den Büchern/der Serie, alles schick im Mittelalter-Style abgelichtet. Medieval-Food-Porn, sozusagen. Hier ihr Breakfast at Winterfell:

The continental elegance of the soft boiled egg was a wonderful counterpart to the salty heartiness of the bacon. Likewise, the sweetness of the preserves and honey paired well with the other elements of the meal. It was an interesting textural experience, too. The almost creaminess of the perfectly done soft-boiled egg, the crispiness of the bacon, and the pop of berry seeds all added something to the meal. While it is a fairly hefty meal, the mint tea lightens it more than one would expect, and is the perfect finish to what might be the perfect breakfast.

Bottom line? It’s cold in The North, but this is a great breakfast for any time of year, anywhere.

Cooks Notes: Splurge on the bacon. If you truly wish your breakfast to have the feel of Winterfell, don’t skimp on the ingredients. We used a nice cut of Black Forest bacon, and eggs from happy chickens. This list of ingredients will make a big breakfast for about two people.

2 eggs
6 strips of bacon
4 small slices rustic bread
butter, honey, and berry preserves
sharp white cheese, such as cheddar
2 mint tea bags

Inn at the Crossroads (via Jason Kottke)