MAD Magazine has a Blog

16.06.2011 Misc #Comics #MAD

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Das MAD Magazin hat sein ein paar Tagen sein allererstes Weblog namens The Idiotical, ist natürlich umgehend in den Feedreader gewandert. Anlässlich dessen hat das LIFE Magazine eine Bilderstrecke mit privaten Aufnahmen von John Ficarra, Redakteur bei MAD seit 1984. Oben: Jimi Hendrix und MAD, 1968. Rechts: Die Todesanzeige für William Gains von seiner Gang of Idiots.

MAD magazine has been called revolutionary, subversive, surreal, hilarious, and a total waste of time. (The latter by its own editors). That a single publication could fill all of those roles for millions of readers, and thrive, across six decades says a lot about both the human appetite for satire and the unique vision of MAD's founder, William Gaines. Here, on the occasion of MAD launching its first-ever blog,, MAD's editor for the past 25 years, John Ficarra, shares some personal photographs of -- and lively stories about -- Bill Gaines; the magazine's happily chaotic early years; and the writers and illustrators (a.k.a, "the usual gang of idiots") who have kept MAD relevant and irreverent since the days when Harry Truman was president.

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