Living Laser made from human Kidney-Cells and Jellyfish

Noch sind wir von einem Real Life-Cyclops, der Laser aus seinen Augen ballern kann, ein gutes Stück entfernt… aber Wissenschaftler haben eine menschliche Nierenzelle genetisch so modifiziert, dass sie ein fluoreszierendes Protein produziert, dessen Licht wiederum gebündelt werden kann.

They injected a human kidney cell with a loop of DNA that codes for an enhanced form of green fluorescent protein. Originally isolated from jellyfish, GFP glows green when exposed to blue light and has been invaluable as a biological beacon, tracking the path of molecules inside cells and lighting up when certain genes are expressed.

After placing the cell between two mirrors, the researchers bombarded it with pulses of blue light until it began to glow. As the green light bounced between the mirrors, certain wavelengths were preferentially amplified until they burst through the semi-transparent mirrors as laser light. Even after a few minutes of lasing, the cell was still alive and well.

First 'living' laser made from kidney cell, auf PhysOrg: Single Green Fluorescent Protein-expressing cell is basis of living laser device