Killer Klowns from outer Space – The Sequel!

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X-Posting von den Filmfreunden: Seit Jahren gibt es schon Gerüchte um einen zweiten Teil von „Killer Klowns from outer Space“, jetzt hat Grant Cramer, der im Original die Hauptrolle spielte, in einem Interview Details verraten. Das Sequel heisst „The Return of the Killer Klowns From Outer Space“, die Finanzierung sowie Drehbuch steht, die Chiodo Brothers, die den ersten Teil geschrieben und inszeniert hatten, sind ebenfalls involviert und der Film hat sogar eine Facebook-Fanpage, es fehlt lediglich ein Verleih, dann geht's los. Ich muss hoffentlich nicht erwähnen, dass ich sowas von dabei bin.

- You've been the main source of information regarding this sequel. What's your involvement with the project?
I’m reprising my role as Mike Tobacco as well as producing. I also worked on the story with the Chiodo’s and wrote the screenplay.

- How involved will the Chiodo's be with the film?
The Chiodo Bros. are involved in a huge way. The original was their baby and though this one is a little bit more collaborative than the first being that I’m writing and producing with them, it's still their brainchild and I wouldn’t have dreamed of doing it without them. Stephen will be directing, Ed producing and Charlie bringing all his wonderful creative genius as he always does. The Chiodo's are good friends as well!

- Can you share any plot details with us in regards to the film? Will it be a totally new story or will it be connected to the first?
Well, I don’t want to say too much about the story at this early juncture but I will say that it is connected to the first movie and my character will be the mentor to the two new young leads that have to try save the world from the Klowns when they return. They're also trying to save themselves because the bad stuff the Klowns do at first gets blamed on them.

-Will the original Klowns be returning or will we be treated to a new batch this time around?
Definitely we’ll have a whole new batch of Klowns. I just left the Chiodo Bros' studio and they are dreaming up some great new Klown faces as we speak.

- What's the current status of this project?
We have a script and a commitment for all our funding but the money can’t be spent until we have a distribution deal in place so that’s where we are – talking to distributors. As soon as that final piece comes into place we should be pretty much good to go.

Hier nochmal der Trailer zum Original, den kompletten Film findet man online auf diversen Video-Plattformen, wenn man ein bisschen googelt.

(Youtube Direktclowns, via Horror Movies)

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