The Kids of russian Oligarchs

Schicke Fotoserie von Anna Skladmann mit den Kids von Russlands neuer Elite, die im Prunk aufwachsen und Kalaschnikovs sammeln. spOnline hatte schon vor einer Woche ein Interview mit ihr, ich hab's eben erst auf spOnline-International gelesen:

SPIEGEL ONLINE: How did the parents react to your presence?

Skladmann: I was very young when I began the project. The parents saw me as being on a similar level to their children. Many seemed to see me less as a professional photographer and more as a student. One of the conditions of the photo-shoots was that I not publish the last names.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Your images often depict the children as being surrounded by a bizarre form of luxury. One of them, Lisa, is seen in the middle of a crystal palace, where she also plays football. Another, Jakob, is holding a Kalashnikov with a picture of ballerinas behind him. Did the children pose themselves?

Skladmann: The portraits are staged, but in the children's natural surroundings. Prior to taking the photographs, I interviewed the children briefly in an attempt to find out what their dreams were, what they wanted and how I could show that. Vladimir, for example, explained that he wanted to become an archeologist. I then showed him some pictures from a museum. Later, he decided that he'd rather be Spider Man. In the end, I photographed him on the stage of his grandfather's theater.

Anna Skladmanns Website, die Bilderserie „Little Adults“ findet man unter „Personal“, spOnline: Children of Russian Oligarchs – Football in the Crystal Palace (via Superpunch)