Norway trains its Diplomats in Black Metal

Norwegen bekommt soviele offizielle Anfragen bezüglich Black Metal rein, dass sie jetzt ihren Diplomaten Nachhilfestunden in norwegischer Metal-Kultur geben.

The government of Norway has begun offering training for foreign diplomats in black metal, following a reported rise in global interest in the genre. […]

Kjersti Sommerset, the head of Norway’s foreign ministry’s centre of excellence, told Norwegian newspaper Dagens Næringsliv: “We now have 106 foreign service missions and they get many enquiries from people who want information about Norwegian black metal as a phenomenon. In the training program, we have a large cultural program in order to give the trainees a good understanding of Norwegian culture and the cultural industry. Black metal is clearly a part of this ‘global awakening.’”

Norway to Train Diplomats in ‘True Norwegian Black Metal’ (Bild: Black Metal Destroyer 03 von Robert Bejil)