The London Beer Flood of 1814

Superinteressantes Posting auf Badass Digest über einen Unfall einer Brauerei in Central London (Tottenham Court Road) im Jahr 1814, infolge dessen 1.470.000 Liter Bier die Straßen überflutete und mehrere Menschen ums Leben kamen.

Late in the afternoon at the Horse Shoe on Monday October 17th 1814 an 800lb iron restraining hoop fell off one of the vats, which was full to the brim with 3,550 barrels (more than a million pints) of finest 10-month-old Meux’s Porter. A clerk made a note of the occurrence but thought no more of it until about an hour later when the wooden staves of the vat burst asunder. The resulting flood of beer, weighing close to 600 tons, plus wood and metal from the vat knocked out the wall of the brewery and gushed into the street, destroying more vessels which were holding about another 1200 barrels of beer.

The torrent flooded the cellars of surrounding houses, and even some street-level rooms up to ceiling height. It’s said that wave of beer was 15 feet high. Two adjacent houses were flattened and one wall of the nearby Tavistock Arms collapsed, trapping and killing a 14-year-old barmaid. In all, eight people died as a direct result of the accident, although there’s an urban myth that a ninth victim died some days later of alcohol poisoning following a heroic attempt to drink up the spate.

The London Beer Flood of 1814, mehr bei Wikipedia, hier die Meldung im Archiv der Times,