Shepard Faireys „They Live“-Poster

Wer sonst sollte ein Poster für John Carpenters „They Live“ machen, wenn nicht Shepard „Obey Giant“ Fairey. Ist heute irgendwann innerhalb von Sekunden im Shop von Mondotees ausverkauft. Von Wired: You Will Obey Shepard Fairey’s They Live Poster

Fairey credits They Live as a “major source of inspiraton” for his own subversive brand of street art. “They Live was … the basis for my use of the word ‘obey,’” Fairey said in a statement. “The movie has a very strong message about the power of commercialism and the way that people are manipulated by advertising.”

Describing his 2003 exhibition, This Is Your God, Fairey noted: “One of my main concepts with the show, and the [Obey] campaign as a whole, was that obedience is the most valuable currency. People rarely consider how much power they sacrifice by blindly following a self-serving corporation’s marketing agenda, and how their spending habits reflect the direction in which they choose to transfer power.” They Live addresses those same issues, Fairey said.

Fairey postete noch dazu vor ein paar Stunden seine neue Posterserie „Reagan and Friends“:

A lot of people are frustrated with the economy and are blaming Obama for the slow recovery. Obama inherited the results of 30 years of mostly bad legislation that created the perfect storm for the financial meltdown of 2008. I am releasing a new series of prints inspired by the big lie the right wing is trying to sell… that deregulating and giving tax breaks to corporations and the wealthiest individuals will stimulate economic growth. Thanks to the Supreme Court, these powerful corporations can now finance campaigns and ads in the shadows.

It all started to go wrong with Reagan. Every president leaves a legacy, but in my opinion none have left a legacy so skewed by rosy nostalgia, and so damaging to this day, as Ronald Reagan. Reagan was pro-big business and anti-working class and anti-union (he fired all of the striking air traffic controllers). His economic policies known as Reaganomics collectively led not only to the buildup of a massive budget deficit, thanks to large increases in military spending coupled with huge tax cuts, but also laid the groundwork for an economic crisis. If it all ended in 1989 when he left office it would have been bad enough, but Republicans were so enamored with Reagan and Reaganomics that they tried it again under George W. Bush, with similarly disastrous consequences.