Titanic II sinks on her Maiden Voyage

Ein Boot namens Titanic II ist auf ihrer Jungfernfahrt gesunken. Die Story kommt zwar vom Mirror und ist wahrscheinlich Bullshit, aber dennoch amüsant: Grade habe ich eine zweite Meldung gefunden, die Story dürfte also stimmen. „It wasn’t a very big boat – it could have been sunk by an ice-CUBE.“

When he took his new 16ft boat out for its maiden voyage, it lived up to its namesake, and sank. Mr Wilkinson was left floundering as the vessel sprang a leak and began taking on water before disappearing beneath the waves. Holidaymakers looked on while Mr Wilkinson, from Birmingham, was pulled out of the sea by the local harbour master.

Titanic II was was later towed out of West Bay harbour in Dorset. Mr Wilkinson, aged in his 40s, said afterwards: "If it wasn't for the harbour master I would have gone down with the Titanic. "It's all a bit embarrassing and I got pretty fed up with people asking me if I had hit an iceberg."

Titanic II sinks on maiden voyage, hier die Story beim Mirror. (via Reddit, Arbroath) und danach kann man sich noch den Trailer zum (real existierenden, völlig bekloppten) Film „Titanic 2“ ansehen.