The Drift: Vintage Postcards tell the Story of a Rocksong from Space

(Youtube Direkt, via Twitch)

Verschollene Astronauten, Hippies, Psychedelic Rock. Toller Kurzfilm von Kelly Sears aus dem Jahr 2007, animierte NASA-Postkarten zeigen die Geschichte eines Songs from Space, der ein globaler Hit wird und die Menschen fliegen lässt. Sehr minimalistisch umgesetzt, grandios erzählt.

A mysterious disappearance on a 1960s space journey launches the counter-culture revolution, the government blocks contraband radio broadcasts, and American fervor for conquering space results in tragic ends. Psychedelic Rock, wayward space transmission, happenings, scientific research, the space race, high hopes, failed dreams, and bodily levitation all come together in the story of The Drift.

The Drift uses frame-by-frame techniques to weave an absurd fable about our country's unflinching frontierism and the desire to push too far, too fast. Images dug out of thrift store bookshelves and flea market bins are animated to create an alternate take on what really happened behind the face of ground control, the space program, and the American psyche.