Inside the Magicians Library

(Vimeo Direktmagic)

Cool Hunting hat Bibliothek des Conjuring Arts Research Center besucht, eine der weltweit größten Sammlungen von historischen Büchern über Magie, Zauberei und Illusionen. Da würde ich gerne mal ein komplettes Wochenende drin wohnen.

Nestled in a hidden location in midtown Manhattan, the Counjuring Arts Research Center is ground zero for illusionists and historians alike. The Center provides a range of services, publishes scholarly journals, and teaches hospital-bound kids magic through its Hocus Pocus program. It is perhaps best known as home to one of the largest known collections of historic books, letters, and other media, which the center makes available online.

Bill Kalush, the center's founder and director, explains how he built the collection piece-by-piece and shows us some of its highlights.