Bio-Ethical Implications of the X-Men

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Spannende Serie kurzer Videos mit Paul Root Wolpe, Professor für Bioethik an der Emory University, der darin die ethischen Fragen bespricht, die das Bio-Engineering der X-Men-Mutationen aufwerfen. Kratzt alles nur an der Oberfläche, ein wenig tiefgehender wird er in seinem TED-Talk über dasselbe Thema: Paul Root Wolpe: It's time to question bio-engineering. Oben das erste Video der vierteiligen Reihe, die anderen nach dem Klick.

“’X-Men’ is the story of a reviled minority,” says Wolpe, in this case, a minority with genetic mutations that give them extraordinary powers. Of course, genetically, X-Men make no sense, he adds. There’s no way that even dramatic genetic mutation would result in a normal human being giving birth to a human being with wings.

“On the other hand, X-Men are completely plausible as biotechnological developments, and we’re already developing some of the kinds of powers that the X-Men illustrate,” Wolpe says. “There are genetic engineering possibilities for human beings that would increase things like memory, perhaps attention, and maybe even strength, not to super-human levels, but perhaps to mimic the best achievements of the species.”

And although “we still don’t know how to create muscles that exceed the muscles of the strongest creatures on earth,” says Wolpe, “it’s when you combine natural ability with technology that you can talk about truly extraordinary types of powers.”

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