3D-Map of Videogame-Deaths

Schönes Projekt von Jim Blackhurst, der bei einem Game-Publisher arbeitet und dort Heatmaps aus anonymen Daten zu Ereignissen innerhalb der Spiele bau. Jetzt hat er eine 3D-Karte aus 11,3 Millionen Pixeltodesfällen im Game Just Cause 2 in Processing aus einer 364MB dicken Datenbank generiert.

(Youtube Direktdeath)

The JustCause2 dataset that I was using was a selection of player deaths specifically where the player had died from an impact event. This was great because players tend to spend a lot of time jumping off tall buildings or riding around in helicopters and planes, so impact in this context is generally impact with the geometry of the environment. When the data is rendered, you can see the underlying world, almost as clearly as if we were rendering the 3d mesh itself.

Finally, and arguably the most important aspect of any data visualisation is working out the best way to communicate it. The data looked great, but I couldn’t distribute it as source because of the size of the CSV files that accompany it. I needed to some way of taking the viewer through the data and showing them points of interest. Up stepped another Processing hero, Jean Pierre Charalambos and the ProScene library. With ProScene, and Jean Pierre’s help I was able to direct the camera around to create a visual tour of the data which I then rendered out as individual 1080p frames, and assembled later into an animation.

Heatmaps, Point Clouds and Big Data in Processing, Fast Company: Infographic Of The Day: Using 11.3M Player Deaths To Map A Videogame's World (via Gizmodo)