Zombie-Outbreak Game on Twitter

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@Zombies ist die Simulation eines Zombie-Outbreaks in Twitter. Ich weiß noch nicht ganz genau, wie es funktioniert, aber ich find's ziemlich interessant.

@Zombies is an experiment in story telling, social network analysis and epidemiology. Leveraging the power and connections of the Twitter community, @Zombies is a dynamic narrative where any Twitter user can become a character and every @mention becomes a plot point. The story is then recounted using data visualizations, text and statistics. […]

@Zombies uses the Twitter search API to simulate the outbreak of a fictional zombie virus in the Twitter community.

Seeded with one zombie, Patient Zero, @Zombies monitors this zombie's twitter feed for @mentions. Anyone who @mentions patient zero is now smack dab in the middle of the zombie apocalypse, without even knowing it.

@mention a zombie and you end up with one of four possible outcomes: become a zombie, be eaten, escape, or kill your zombie attacker. Become a zombie and you are added to the search list, ready to infect your unknowing tweeps. Escape and you live to fight another day. But beware, another zombie could be lurking behind your next tweet.

@Zombies – A zombie plague is ravaging the Twitterverse. Who knew an @ mention could leave you starving for brains

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