Edgar Wrights Wheels on Wheels (1993)

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(Youtube Direktwheels, via It came from hell)

Vor ein paar Wochen hatte ich über Edgar Wrights 1993er Moviemashup „Gun Fetish“ gebloggt, kurz danach hatte er einen weiteren Clip online gestellt, in dem er Verfolgungsjagden zusammengeschnitten hatte: Wheels on Wheels.

The VHS tapes were mostly ones I have recorded off the TV, ones I had borrowed from the college library and what few retail titles I had. Indeed the shocking quality of the Kubrick clip is because this was back when that particular movie was banned on VHS. That is from a Dutch release. Those were the days. […]

I’d also say I didn’t have access to some of the key pre 1993 car films at the time, indeed some of the best car chases in cinema I’d yet to see. One I had seen, but could not source the tape at the time (with my limited supply of material and a student bank account deeply in the red) was 1968′s ‘Bullitt’.

Yes, that’s right ‘Bullitt’ is not present. Anyone commenting ‘No Bullitt? FAIL’ or complaining that the split track audio or video are not perfect, can go fuck themselves. Or send a handwritten note back to the 19 year old me in Bournemouth, Doc Brown style.

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