BitCoin Miner arrested for Pot-Growing-like Power Consumption

25.05.2011 Misc #Drugs #Money

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Ihr erinnert Euch an die virtuelle Währung Bitcoin, über die ich neulich gebloggt hatte? Da gibt es ein Tool, mit dem man Bitcoins generieren kann, in dem man Rechnerleistung zur Lösung eines kryptographischen Problems bereit stellt. Jetzt haben sie einen Bitcoin-Miner verhaftet, weil dessen Stromverbrauch genauso hoch war, wie der eines Marijuana-Anbauers. In beiden Fällen jedenfalls Homegrown.

Wired UK tried to explain how bitcoin miners dedicate their CPU/GPU to generate the virtual currency. "It's generated by Bitcoin 'miners' over time by using CPUs and GPUs to solve a cryptographic problem -- hashing some data against a function. If your computer manages to generate a hash that's numerically lower than a defined value, then you shout it out to the rest of the network, and get to pocket the newly-minted Bitcoins, while also signing a series of transactions and making sure they're legitimate."

One of the issues, other than if governments will try to outlaw bitcoin, is the high amount of electricity needed to create a single bitcoin. It might cost more to generate a bitcoin than the actual value a bitcoin is currently traded at. High electricity bills can lead to marijuana busts. And it is this unusual power consumption needed that caught my attention since it appears as a bitcoin miner has been mistaken as a person running a marijuana growing operation.

Blogger Mike Esspe captured an IRC chat that supports the rumor floating around that at least one bitcoin miner has been arrested.

In regards to if being a miner will bring the cops to your doorstep, according to the Bitcoin Miner, the power consumption will be somewhat like the electric usage for "marijuana grow-op."

Bitcoin miners busted? Police confuse bitcoin power usage for pot farm (via Fefe)