John Lasseter shows his Hawaiian shirt collection

(Youtube Direkthawaii, via Cartoonbrew)

John Lasseter, Chef-Animator von Pixar, zeigt seine Hawaii-Hemden-Sammlung. Aus dem Artikel zum Video vom San Francisco Chronicle:

John Lasseter, as Pixar fans know, wears Hawaiian shirts every day. A couple of years ago, when I was at Pixar for another story, I heard Lasseter casually mention that he organizes his shirts by subject. I made a request earlier this spring to see the "Toy Story" and "Cars 2" director's filing system first-hand, and was shocked when he not only agreed, but said it was OK if I bring a video camera.

Which is how I found myself inside a two-time Oscar winner's closet, filming him with a Flip cam I had never operated before, while asking questions like "Do you feel completely disoriented wearing long-sleeved shirts?" And then the April Fool's jokes started ...