Steely Dans Discography remixed into Mashup-Album

Gabe Shultz hat die komplette Diskographie von Steely Dan in ein Mashup-Album geremixt.

Day Glow Freaks is not an attempt to improve or modernize Steely Dan’s work, nor is it an ironic jab at a bygone music era. I could not study a body of work nearly every day for a year if I didn’t truly appreciate it. It’s also not a remix project—at least, I hope it is viewed as more than that. Day Glow Freaks is the result of a personal challenge to try something new, and should be considered a tribute to the most thought-provoking, entertaining, and inspiring musicians I’ve heard.
This project is not sanctioned by Steely Dan or its representatives, nor is it sponsored by any record label or other for-profit entity. I created the arrangements herein, but all original performances remain the property of Steely Dan.

As this is an experimental project reliant on the work of others, all parties and processes involved are credited and documented openly. was created to exhibit the project and document the methods used for executing the Day Glow Freaks concept.

Gabe is the Devil – Day Glow Freaks, hier der Download-Link (69,4MB, ZIP), (via Waxy)