Sk8-Deck Charity-Auction for Skateistan

Skateistan versteigert grade über ihr Büro in Dänemark zusammen mit dem Auktionshaus Lauritz ein paar von Künstlern gestaltete Skatedecks, alle Erlöse gehen an die Skateschule für Kids in Afghanistan. Oben das Deck von Shepard Fairey, von Obey Giant:

Skateistan is a school in Kabul where about 400 kids, boys and girls, “rich” and poor – skate on a daily basis and learn things like photography, carpentry, drama, English and much much more.

The school was established in 2008 and built a professional indoor skateboard park in 2009 – with the help of the fundraisers in Denmark.

Now in 2011 we are collecting money so that Skateistan can expand and build an outdoor facility for the kids so they can skate even when the school is not open.

ALL income from this auction goes directly to Skateistan in Kabul – all fees and commissions also (Donated by the auction house Skateistan Denmark is run 100% volunter, we have no paid staff, skateboards and shipping is sponsored by BLIND skateboards and Blue Water Shipping – so if you spend 1000 Dollars on one of theese works of art – 1000 Dollars will go to Skateistan.

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