Testing Space-Beer in Zero-G

18.05.2011 Misc #Beer #Space

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Das Vostok Space Beer, ein Spezialgebräu für Space-Touristen und Astronauten, wurde im Februar zum ersten mal in Schwerelosigkeit gestestet, jetzt haben sie das Material online gestellt. Oben der Original-Clip, hier ein Artikel im Sydney Morning Herald, vom New Scientist:

While beer has been in zero gravity before, this is the first time the beverage has been has been specifically designed for space, according to a Reuters report, published in The Sydney Morning Herald.

Held told Reuters that in space, "your face puffs out a little bit, your tongue swells up a little bit - it's not extreme, but kind of like having a bad head cold. So we wanted to have a flavour that would be strong enough, that would punch through that."

As such, the first prototype, Vostok 4 Pines Stout, is full-bodied and flavoursome, to counter the loss of taste sensation that occurs when tongues swell in space, reports UK newspaper The Independent.

According to Reuters, the beer was tested by a microgravity expert on a zero-gravity flight over Florida.

Hier noch ein weiterer Videobericht von Reuters:

An Australian micro-brewery has joined forces with a space engineering firm to produce the first beer for consumption in space. The partners believe space beer will become a requirement for thirsty tourists when the space tourism industry takes off, although perfecting the brew has not come without its challenges. Rob Muir reports.

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