Burt Reynolds, Hot Line: The Letters I Get... And Write!, 1972

Flickr-Userin Charm and Poise hat ein olles Buch aus den 70s über Fan-Briefe an Burt Reynolds und seine Antworten darauf hochgeladen – ein einziger, großer Knaller. Oh, the 70s.

From Burt Reynolds, Hot Line: The Letters I Get ... And Write!, 1972. This is truly a strange book. Both the letters and Burt's answers are swingin' 70s in outlook and jargon. From the opening page: "Burt Reynolds is America's newest Sex Symbol, star of movies, TV, stage, and Cosmo centerfolds. Passion flower to eager femmes from 8 to 80, he is a virile, witty, gracious, warm, lovable, hotter'n firecrackers hunk of male who likes nothing better than reclining his fabulous fanny on bearskin rugs, rapping with his fans and their endless stream of letters."

Hier der Brief einer Emma an den guten Burt:

Dear Friend:

I am write you a few Lines to Let you here from me. I am OK and I Hope when you get this Letter you will be Likewise. I did like the picture you play on Don August very much and I love you too Burt Reynolds sweet Reynolds but I like to get a Letter Burt Reynolds from you. I like what I see and your hot body I would like to kiss everywhere and I would be so please if you send me some candy and some jules. Hope you find it in your heart to send me them and I no you have a good heart. I like you for your sweet body Burt Reynolds and I wish you would think of me and send me a box of candy and a bracelet and I Do Hope you dont have so many girl friend Burt Reynolds cause I like you sweet body honey and I want you to remember that I Like Everything that tyou do and all so you Burt Reynolds Sweet Body Honey out there in Big Hollywood California. Would love to get anything from your sweet body Burt Reynolds so please send me some nice candy or nice trinket.


Seine Antwort:

Dear Em:
Thank you for your sweet, sweet, sweet letter.
P.S. You're a horny, greedy … sweet little devil.

Burt, Burt, Burt (via Coudal)