Lego Space in Space

Gestern haben sie nicht nur Bauteile für die ISS mit dem letzten Start der Endeavour in den Weltraum geschossen, sondern zum ersten mal war auch Lego Space dabei. Ich hätte mir aus Nostalgiegründen ja gewünscht, dass der Galaxy Explorer eine Runde um die Erde dreht, aber egal: Hauptsache Lego Space is finally in Space.

The first person to build Lego models in space would be astronaut Cady Coleman, a former United States Air Force officer and current NASA astronaut now living in the International Space Station as part of Expedition 27. Cady would be building these Lego models not just for the fun of it, but to show children how they behave in space. She will "explore the effects of microgravity on simple machines by building models, conducting experiments, and sharing those results with students and teachers back on Earth through video and crew commentary."

Down here, teachers and students will be able to build the same models. The teacher would be able to download a guide and a student worksheet, so they can also perform the same experiments down here and compare the results with those shown on the videos.

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