The Goth-Stripper and the worlds biggest LSD-Lab in a Nuclear Missile-Silo

16.05.2011 Misc #Drugs

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Viceland hat ein Interview mit Krystle Cole, die die völlig irre Story über das LSD-Labor ihres Ex-Freundes Gordon Todd Skinners erzählt. Das war für ein paar Monate im Jahr 2000 das größte der Welt, in einer verlassenen Atomraketenanlage untergebracht und die Wände waren aus pinken Marmor, in denen LSD, MDMA und Geld versteckt waren. Der ganze Artikel liest sich wie eine Extreme-Rave-Version von Breaking Bad. Whoa! Absolutes Must-Read!

In 1996, he [Gordon Todd Skinner] purchased a decommissioned Atlas E nuclear-missile silo in Wamego, Kansas, and transformed it into a subterranean psychedelic palace. Three years later, he purchased a second silo to house an LSD superlab. The laboratory, however, only operated for a short time, and by October 2000 Todd was providing DEA agents with a guided tour of the premises. […]

At one time, the silo was a testament to Todd’s unrestrained profligacy. The main missile bay was filled with fine Persian carpets and luxurious leather couches. He owned a $120,000 stereo system, which he used to listen to Deep Forest and Sarah McLachlan at high volumes. The bathroom alone contained a shower with three heads and a bathtub that could easily accommodate half a dozen people. Krystle said it was fun. […]

Vice: How did you and Gordon Todd Skinner meet and subsequently fall in love?
Krystle Cole: I was stripping at a place called Club Orleans. Todd didn’t frequent strip clubs, but his employees did, and one of them saw my act and told Todd, “There’s this girl down there you should really see.” I did an interesting act—a bondage act. I certainly stood out for the Kansas crowd that was in there. I was really goth because I hated Kansas. I would play death-metal music and have this chain that I would wrap around the pole, and then I would whip myself with the chain. I wanted to rebel against everything Kansas was about. […]

Why did Todd choose to live in a decommissioned nuclear-missile silo as opposed to, say, a house?
When I first met Leonard and Todd, their story was that they were eccentric investment bankers, and Todd said he had been stockpiling food and machine guns to prepare for Y2K—we met right after the millennium. Todd had everything you would need to survive the apocalypse in the silo. They explained that they carried briefcases stacked with foreign currency and $1,000 bills because they thought the US financial system was on the verge of collapse. They threw around money, drove Porsches, bought me Armani clothes, and I didn’t have to work at the strip club anymore. Here in Kansas you aren’t raised to scrutinize people about whether they are lying to you or not, you know?

So Todd said he was an investment banker-cum-survivalist preparing for post-Y2K financial collapse, but how did he explain the kilos of MDMA?
Todd very much hid it. When I first met him, I never got to see anything like that. I had virtually no experience with drugs. I did the basic drinking alcohol and smoking pot, but I had never even heard of MDMA. He said, “Try it just once, you’ll like it.” And boy did I…

Life Is A Cosmic Giggle On The Breath Of The Universe: A Tour Of Gordon Todd Skinner’s Subterranean Lsd Palace (via Dosenation)