Musicvideos: Rome, FM Belfast, Young Rebel Set

(Youtube Direktblack, via MeFi)

Hier erstmal Romes „Black“ von Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi, Jack White und Norah Jones, ein interaktives Videoexperiment und Techdemo für Googles Chrome-Browser: „'3 Dreams of Black' is an interactive film by Chris Milk and some friends at Google that showcases the creative potential of WebGL. WebGL is a context of the HTML5 canvas element that enables hardware-accelerated 3D graphics in the web browser without a plug-in. In other words, it enables your browser to show some really beautiful visuals. On this page, you'll find a WebGL model viewer featuring several of the '3 Dreams of Black' creatures. You'll also find 8 demos created by our development team, a link to the code base, and some links to resources on the web that will be useful for getting started in WebGL programming.“ Hier der Link zu einer Galerie voller User generated Dingsbums.

Weitere Clips nach dem Klick.

FM Belfast – I don´t want to go to sleep either

(Vimeo Direktsleep, via Audioporn Central)

Young Rebel Set - Lion's Mouth

(Youtube Direktlion, via White Tapes)

Les Breastfeeders - 400 Milles

(Vimeo Direktmiles, via Videos)

Cults – Abducted

(Pitchfork Direktcult)