Matching X-Men On Real Dating Sites

Soren Bowie hat für versucht, die Dreiecksbeziehung zwischen Jean Grey, Cyclops und Wolverine auf Datingwebsites nachzustellen.

I created three field-test profiles on every free dating website I could find as Scott Summers, Logan and Jean Grey. If each site is in fact capable of uniting perfect matches, then solving the epic love triangle between Cyclops, Wolverine and Jean shouldn't be too much to ask.

My research, flawless. My findings, staggering. The study, below.

Lab Report:
Testing the Legitimacy of Online Dating Compatibility with the Help of Marvel Superheroes.

Subject CYCLOPS should bond with subject JEAN GREY despite the advances and forced attraction of subject WOLVERINE.

*Email accounts for each subject:,,
*Reasonably extensive knowledge of personal history, sexual preferences and greatest fears
*Lawyer(s) to deal with legal recourse

1. Create complete profiles for each subject on dating websites dedicated specifically to profile matching.,,,, etc.
2. Link to respective email accounts
3. Select photos of each subject. NOTE: Stills from live-action films selected for this experiment after comic images were rejected by and
4. Acknowledge the genius of the plan out loud
5. Wait for results

Matching X-Men On Real Dating Sites: An Experiment (via Digg)