Gene Simmons vs Anonymous, Round 2

Das FBI hat das Haus der Familie eines 15jährigen Teenagers durchsucht, der im Oktober an den DDoS-Attacken auf die Website von Gene Simmons während Anons Operation Payback beteiligt war. Popcorn!

Agents seized the high school student’s laptop during the early-morning raid and questioned him extensively about Simmons, 4chan, and the denial of service attack, according to the boy’s mother. Rhoda Lantz, 44, told TSG that agents--who arrived at her door with guns drawn at 6:40 AM--initially said they were involved in a cyber crime investigation.

But it wasn’t until an agent asked her son if he had a problem with the Kiss star that the boy grasped the nature of the federal inquiry. “Oh, this is about the Gene Simmons attack,” he said, according to his mother.

FBI Raids Home Of Teenage 4chan Fan – Boy, 15, targeted in probe of online attack of Gene Simmons sites

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