Gallery of Nuclear Explosions

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The Atlantics In Focus (quasi der inoffizielle Nachfolger von The Big Picture) hat eine schicke Galerie voller Atombombenexplosionen: When We Tested Nuclear Bombs.

Since the time of Trinity -- the first nuclear explosion in 1945 -- nearly 2,000 nuclear tests have been performed, with the majority taking place during the 1960s and 1970s. When the technology was new, tests were frequent and often spectacular, and led to the development of newer, more deadly weapons. But starting in the 1990s, there have been efforts to limit the future testing of nuclear weapons, including a U.S. moratorium and a U.N. comprehensive test ban treaty. As a result, testing has slowed -- though not halted -- and there are questions about the future. Who will take over for those experienced engineers who are now near retirement, and should we act as stewards with our enormous stockpiles of nuclear weapons? Gathered here are images from the first 30 years of nuclear testing.

Und nur falls es jemand vergessen haben sollte oder es tatsächlich jemanden gibt, der Stephen Colberts Atombomben-Simulation noch nicht gesehen hat: A nuclear Explosion is awesome!

(Youtube Direktatombomb)

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Samsungs explodierende Smartphones, jetzt neu in your plane in your GTA.(via Martin)

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„That escalated quickly.“ (via Martin)


The Atlantic mit einer zufällig sehr in diesen Sommer passenden Galerie voller „controlled explosions, blasts, kabooms, and crashes.“

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