Dokutrailer: The Life and Times of Paul, the psychic Octopus

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Alexandre O. Philippe und Robert Muratore, die Macher der Doku „The People vs George Lucas“ (Trailer hier), haben eine neue Dokumentation angekündigt über jemanden, den Ihr kennt: Paul, the psychic Octopus.

THE LIFE AND TIMES OF PAUL THE PSYCHIC OCTOPUS tells the official and exclusive story of the world's most beloved and scorned cephalopod, whose remarkable string of eight correct 'predictions' during the 2010 Soccer World Cup made him a worldwide superstar. Whether Paul is an honest-to-goodness 21st century oracle, or a tentacled sham, remains a hotly debated topic. What is certain, though, is that Paul's unmatched string of correct predictions has affected us, made us dream, and impacted popular culture. THE LIFE AND TIMES OF PAUL THE PSYCHIC OCTOPUS is a biopic of tentacular proportions--one that explores celebrity mania at its most outrageous, the science of probabilities, and the possibility of higher powers.

(Youtube Direktpaul, via Twitch)

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